Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year to do list.

My Very New to do list......
So I have been very slack creating wise, and I though it is about time I use this blog for what it is made for.

And that is my sims creating.

So, I have been building a Mediterranean style house for like 6 months now, and just finished rebuilding.  I plan on having it done by next week.

I am also starting my tell me a story pose pack, which will be a secret to everyone but create, until I have the base of the poses done.

Then I should probably look at finishing my dakota fanning sim, my blow kiss pack (which I realize the other day the pose I have made is totally stiff and horrid)

So, In the order of importance.

House (mediterranean)
Upload Brazillian sim made for miss world contest.
Bkiss pose back.
Dakota Fanning Sim.

And to everyone who looks at this pointless thing, thats for the support.  Because your an idiot lol xx